What’s your strategy for team social selling?

Image of a young business team working out strategy together
Social selling requires a team strategy.

Serious sales tools used to cost companies some serious coin.

Lead generation and prospecting technology has come a long way from the days of working the rolodex and running through a cold call list.

Today there are multiple options that range from low cost – to very high.

But three of the most powerful sales tools – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – are free, vastly popular and should be key components of every sales team’s arsenal.

LinkedIn for sales teams

Let’s not be coy. The members of your sales teams are already familiar with how tthese social selling tools work. And through trial and error they may have already developed their own unique ways to use them.

This isn’t a good thing.

I can probably figure out how to start a bulldozer. That doesn’t make me an expert in construction. If fact my lack of knowledge would probably result in more destruction than construction if I was let loose on a job site.

[bctt tweet=”Starting a bulldozer doesn’t make you a contractor and logging into LinkedIn doesn’t make you a social seller.”]

Knowing how a tool works without any insight into how to apply it can be dangerous. That’s why it’s important for sales managers to implement training programs. Consistency and accepted processes must be applied – just as they are with other sales tools.

Ensuring a sales team is using social selling tools in the same way is a real challenge. But setting up even basic criteria for everyone to follow is helpful: the number of posts per day per platform, researched hashtags, brand standards and tone are all important.

If you are interested in finding out how your team is currently using social networks, particularly LinkedIn, and benchmark their scores against some industry standards and, then take a look at LinkedIn Social Selling Index.

It will identify how many of your sales team post at least once a week. That’s not a lot of information. But it will give you a good idea about the current level of activity as well as provide a benchmark for further improvement.

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