Tania Yuki, CEO of Shareablee, Discusses Social Analytics at the C-Suite Conference

I attended the recent C-Suite Network Conference in LA. It’s an event created and hosted by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of C-Suite Network and C-Suite TV host.

Tania YukiOne of the executives I spoke with was Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO of Shareablee. I was intrigued to learn about Tania and how her company’s application measures a brand’s impact on the social web. Tania described it this way, “Shareablee empowers brands with actionable social engagement intelligence.

Shareablee clients include major brand marketers like Universal Music, major publishers like Time Inc., as well as major advertising agencies.

Shareablee gains social insights via a 3-step process:

Step 1: Monitor the Social Platforms 24/7

Shareablee collects social data across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Then it does all the data-crunching analysis so clients don’t have to spend time wading through data.

Step 2: Analyze Content & Users

Social properties are analyzed with a combination of natural-language processing, semantic classification, analytics, category benchmarking, and custom rules.

Step 3: Provide Daily Insights & Analytics

Insights are updated daily and accessible 24/7 from any browser (PC, tablet and smartphone) – no downloads or software installation necessary.

Shareablee regularly publishes insights about business trends and pop culture. Here are some recent ones:

Shareablee Social Scorecard Reveals Retail’s Black Friday Social Media Top Ten

How Travel Brands Can Gain Share of Voice during the Holiday Rush 

Taylor Swift Channels Kendrick Lamar and Instagram Goes Crazy 

In talking about how Shareablee helps digital marketers track their impact across social networks, we realized that similar social measurement techniques apply to social selling as well. After all, a social media manager posting content to the LinkedIn company page or corporate Twitter account is similar to a salesperson posting the same content to their individual LinkedIn network or Twitter account. In both cases, the poster wants to know the level of engagement with their audience in order to refine their messaging and provide the maximum value.

With social insights like this, maybe I’ll be seeing Shareablee at the next Social Selling conference.

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