Speakers Mark Hunter and Jay Baer: The Yin and Yang of Social Selling

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Last week I attended the National Speakers Association annual conference in toasty Phoenix. (No, I did NOT step out into the 115° heat the entire time). As you might imagine, a 4-day conference with 2,000 professional speakers is quite the high-energy experience. It is full of thought leaders who educate, entertain, and inspire on a wide range of topics.

One of the highlights for me is seeing colleagues recognized for earning their Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) award. The CSP designation is earned through demonstrating competence in professional standards including:

  • Platform skills
  • Business management
  • Education
  • Association

This year, a couple of my friends from the Sales and Marketing world were among the 2016 CSPs. Mark Hunter and Jay Baer got to wear their gold CSP medals all week. Of course, I could not pass on the opportunity to post a selfie with each one. Afterward, it dawned on me that these two are Poster Boys for the two main activities associated with Social Selling.

Mark (The Sales Hunter) Hunter is an expert on all things Sales – including sales prospecting. Since finding and connecting with decision makers is one of the top reasons salespeople use LinkedIn, he’s a perfect “poster boy” to represent that OUTbound activity. Congratulate Mark and check out his website.

Jay Baer is an expert on all things Marketing – especially how to use content to deliver value and attract prospects. Since engaging one’s network via content is another top reason salespeople use LinkedIn, he’s a perfect”poster boy” to represent that INbound activity. Congratulate Jay and check out his website.

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