Salespeople Can Be Your Company’s Best Marketers

When it comes to LinkedIn, the most effective marketing is done by your company’s sales team.

And like sales in general, it all boils down to numbers.

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There was a company I was working with where the marketing department created a LinkedIn company page. Over three years they were able to grow their followers to 13,671.

Remember that number.

This company also had 300 sales people and sales management people. After some training they’d set a target for each member of the sales team to have at least 500 LinkedIn connections.

Doing a bit of quick math, 300 sales people x 500 LinkedIn connections created an audience of 150,000 people.

Remember that first number of 13,671? 

In just six weeks, this company was able to increase its audience size by a factor of 11. 

Considering many of those sales people also have offline communications with their LinkedIn connections, you start to see the tremendous advantage of social selling.

[bctt tweet=”300 sales people x 500 LinkedIn connections creates an audience of 150,000 prospects.”]

Now let’s take a look at your company. Open up LinkedIn on your browser, bring up your company page and see how many followers it has.

Take that number and add it to the number of customer-facing sales, sales management, and similar staff.

Multiple this number by an average count of 500 connections and you can see the impact a social sales team can have on your marketing efforts.

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So does this mean your marketing team isn’t needed? Of course not.

Marketing still creates content like no other department can. What they should be doing is creating content for your sales team to share.

It’s a one-two punch that will knock your competitors out of contention.

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