Social Selling Skills & LinkedIn Training

Slide1Corporate sales leaders are waking up to find a new world where technology has rendered many traditional prospecting and sales strategies obsolete. But sales skills are just as important today as they ever have been. So what your sales force needs to do, is find a way to be where the prospects are and engage them. As the #1 business networking site in the world, any company that effectively uses LinkedIn for business will drive sales and improve results.

The Sales Foundry is a California-based sales training and consulting firm focused on helping sales teams across America learn how to effectively use technology to identify, connect and sell to clients at home and around the world.

Social Selling Boot Camps

Audience: Individual Sales People, Sales Teams, Account Executives, Business Development, Account Managers

While LinkedIn is an individual tool, corporations can benefit from taking a formal approach to LinkedIn sales training.  LinkedIn is an increasingly feature-rich application. Most salespeople only scratch the surface of its capabilities to connect with prospects and increase sales. Like with many applications (i.e. CRM), a salesperson cannot learn everything about LinkedIn in one session.

The Sales Foundry delivers a blended training experience over a 30-day period. 30-days is short enough that salespeople can maintain a sprint-like focus and long enough for them to put lessons into practice and see the return on their investment. The return comes in the form or more appointments with higher-quality prospects. Along with improving the sales team’s LinkedIn skills, corporate standards and requirements can be insured. All sessions include the instant gratification associated with implementing the lessons in real-time on an Internet-connected computer.


Building a Social Selling Culture

Audience: Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Sales VPs, Sales Operations/Enablement

Your sales reps are using social selling tools whether you know it or not.

Social selling has grown as smart sales people learned how to leverage their online networks to promote sales. However, this “bottom-up” approach is not sustainable. Without standards, training, and management – your company’s brand and sales process is whatever each individual sales rep decides it is.

If you want to take a strategic approach to social selling so your team can crush its number this year, hire Kurt for this 1/2 day session and learn:

  • The Phases of Corporate Social Selling
  • 3 Steps to Building a Social Selling Culture
  • Emerging Tools and Techniques for Managing Social Selling