How Well Is Your Sales Team Using LinkedIn?

“The data from the LinkedIn survey confirmed our thoughts that our Sales Team is not using LinkedIn as they should. Kurt’s briefing of the data provided great insight into how our reps will be able to ultimately increase sales volume without too much additional effort. I’m looking forward to the training and the improved Sales Pipelines.”
-Sales Training Manager

Step 1: Watch this 67-second video and see why LinkedIn is important to your team’s sales success.

Step 2: Submit your Assessment Request.

Step 3: The Sales Foundry conducts a survey of your sales team’s LinkedIn skills…for free.

Step 4: Get a detailed analysis of how well your team is using LinkedIn to drive sales.

What will you learn?

We will assess your sales team’s LinkedIn statistics and behaviors to determine how effectively your company is using LinkedIn for sales. You will find out:

  • How your company stacks up against its competitors
  • Where you are missing opportunities to sell using LinkedIn
  • Where the “low hanging fruit” is and discover improvements your team can implement right away to boost sales

What’s the catch?

To receive a complimentary assessment,  a company must have at least 25 full-time B2B salespeople and agree to 30-minute report review.

Special Bonus

Once we begin receiving results from your social selling assessment we will send you a complimentary set of our popular Social Selling Quick Reference Cards (a $39 value).