One Night in Bangkok and the World’s Your Oyster

Last month, my wife and I toured IMG_0103Thailand for 2-weeks. We started our dream vacation in the capital city of Bangkok. This dynamic metro area of 14 million people is a full of contrasts. It combines 500-year old temples and chaotic street life with gleaming glass buildings that truly live up to the term “skyscraper”.  The sights were exotic, the food was fresh and spicy, and the people were extremely friendly.

IMG_0537During the trip, I rode an elephant, got blessed by a Buddhist monk, and got my first Thai massage. Massage spas in Bangkok are like Starbucks. There’s seemingly one on every block, they are always packed, and people pop in during the day for a quick 15-minute break from work. You gotta love that.

Since it was a vacation, I stayed off my computer as much as possible, but I did not want to go completely inactive and disappear off the radar. I was able to stay engaged with a little planning and a little effort on the trip.

Here are three things that I did that you might want to try on your next well-deserved vacation.

  1. Schedule social posts in advance. While I am not aware of a social network that lets you do this, there are plenty of 3rd party apps that let you schedule a post to LinkedIn, Twitter, and other networks in advance. I used HootSuite to pre-schedule posts of blogs, infographics, and 3rd party articles. A social media expert recently posted his opinion against scheduled posts. He argued that social networking should be limited to real-time dialog. I disagree. As long as the content is relevant/valuable to your network, I feel it is justified – whether you actually just pushed the “Post” button or some computer does it five days later.
  2. Go Mobile – LinkedIn had just rolled out it’s new mobile app for iPhone a few weeks early and I had not given it a true workout. A long layover at Narita airport coupled with some wide awake 3 AM jet-lag the first day provided just the transitory period I needed to wean myself away from my computer. I like the simplicity of the four sections:IPHONE LI MOBILE
  • Home – Updates from Connections, Followed Companies, and Sponsored Updates
  • Me – People’s engagement with you including “Who’s viewed your profile”, “Who’s viewed your [content] shares” and notifications of Shares and Comments to your posts.
  • Messaging – Manage your LinkedIn messages on the go.
  • Network – Duplicates the “Keep in Touch” functionality of the desktop and the “why is it still around” stand-alone mobile app called “Connected”. It’s an easy way to congratulate your network on new jobs, work anniversaries, news mentions, and birthdays.


  1. My Phone Has a Microphone – Before mobile phones became tiny typewriters, people used to speak into them. I found the built-in microphone to be a huge time saver for this non-millennial who did not go through high school texting. Hey, when I went to high school, the term “all thumbs” meant you were not coordinated. Now, it’s a badged of honor for speed texting. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Expand to Full Screen to see the details better.

So, now that you know you don’t have to “disappear” when you take vacation, post a comment about where would you like to go on your next dream vacation?


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