Larry Linne and Patrick Sitkins Talk About “Brand Aid”

BRAND AID Book Stack-resized-600My Social Selling training always starts with teaching people how to build professional online profiles.  After all, if you are going to participate in social networking , then you might as well look your best, right?

That is why I was excited to interview my latest Social Selling Superstars guests were Larry Linne and Patrick Sitkins, co-authors of the new book:

Brand Aid – Taking Control of Your Reputation Before Everyone Else Does.

I discovered that these two bring an ideal combination of experiences to talk about personal branding in the digital age.

Larry Linne is the CEO/president of Sitkins International and Larry LinneIntellectual Innovations. Sitkins International is a membership program for top Independent Insurance Agencies and Brokerages. Intellectual Innovations creates intellectual property for businesses including books, tools, classes, speaking, videos and other media. Larry has spent more than a dozen years helping companies and individuals create and improve their brand and is considered a thought leader in business strategy and growth.

Patrick SitkinsPatrick Sitkins is director of sales at Quintain Marketing, a leading global digital marketing firm. Quintain provides end-to-end marketing solutions including marketing strategy and implementation, brand positioning, website development, social marketing including social SEO, tradeshow strategy, direct marketing, incentive and reward programs, and online stores. Patrick is considered a branding leader and digital marketing and social media expert.

Some highlights of the interview include:

  • Why Privacy Is Dead and Authenticity Is Valued More Than Ever
  • How a Woman, an iPad, and a Soccer Field Drove Home the Point of Personal Brand Transparency
  • Find Out Which Social Network is Like a “Country Club” and Why
  • What 100% of Buyers Admitted to Doing Before Taking a Sales Call
  • The 7 Steps To Building A Great Brand

Listen to the full interview here (28:06) or download it to your portable device via iTunes.

[audio:|titles=Larry Linne & Patrick Sitkins]


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