Is Your Company Ready for Social Selling?

Next month, LinkedIn will celebrate the 5th anniversary of its May 2011 IPO.

By May of 2011, I had spent almost three years as an independent consultant, helping companies define their sales process, map it into, and train sales reps how to use it.  After a 20-year career in tech sales and sales management, I felt like I had a pretty good idea of what both sales reps and sales management needed in a CRM.

During those years, I started to teach reps how to use LinkedIn for lead generation. LinkedIn was growing in popularity and functionality, but many reps were not even on LinkedIn, let alone know how to use it.  The demand kept growing and in early 2011, some people asked me to do a public seminar on LinkedIn for Sales.  I booked a hotel and started to promote it.

Do you know the old saying “It’s better to be LUCKY than GOOD”?  Well, a few weeks before the seminar,  LinkedIn announced its IPO! The flood of news reports generated a rush of registrations and when the event Sold Out, I immediately decided to stop my consulting work and go “All In” on training reps how to use LinkedIn to generate leads.

5 years laters, business is booming. Reasons why include the fact that business people continue to increasing use social networks and LinkedIn continually updates, upgrades, retires, changes, and enhances not just features but entirely different version of the product. (Did you know there are more than eight different versions of LinkedIn?)

Even 5 years after LinkedIn’s IPO and 13 years since its launch, many companies still have not not developed a strategic approach to LinkedIn and Social Selling. This amazes me because the companies that would NEVER adopt an “every rep for themselves” approach to CRM usage, by default, are encouraging a “random acts of social” approach to LinkedIn by failing to establish goals, guidelines, training, and management of social selling practices.

Is this the year your company gets serious about Social Selling?

If you’re a Sales or Marketing leader of a B2B company interested in learning out how your team’s social selling skills stack up to the competition, then register for the April 20 seminar shown below. Each company will receive a custom report analyzing their sales reps’ LinkedIn sales skills.

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Kurt Shaver speaks and trains corporate sales teams on advanced Social Selling skills. He has appeared at conferences like Sales 2.0, AA-ISP Social Selling, and LinkedIn’s Sales Connect. Clients include leading companies in the technology, telecom, and business services industries. Learn more at The Sales Foundry.  Connect with Kurt on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter

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