How to Build Stronger Relationships with Your LinkedIn Power Connections

Would you like to strengthen your relationships with your top LinkedIn Connections? Do you want to be top-of-mind with the movers and shakers in your business network?

Here is a LinkedIn tip combo that will help. Turn UP the volume on one information channel and Turn DOWN the volume on another. The first step is to tune into more Types of updates. You can do this by entering the LinkedIn “Settings” are (under your name in the upper right hand corner) and going to the last tab at the bottom – ACCOUNT (look for the “shield” icon). Click on “Customize the updates you see on your home page”. You will have the ability to enable home page views of the following information:

• New connections in your network
• Updates from your extended network
• Status updates from your connections
• Posts from your connections
Profile & Recommendations
• When connections change profile information
• When connections change profile photos
• When connections receive recommendations
• When connections upgrade to a premium account
Questions & Answers
• Questions from your connections
• Answers from your connections
• Jobs you may be interested in
• Events your connections are interested in or attending
• Polls from your connections
• Groups your connections have joined or created
• Discussions from your groups
• Application updates from your connections
Company Pages
• When connections modify or add a Company Page
• When connections follow news

Yeah, that’s a lot of information, right? More than half is related to your Connections, so pick a bunch of them. Your LinkedIn home page is going to fill up very quickly with Updates. You can adjust the number of updates displayed up to a maximum of 25, but the page will still fill up fast. This is why you now need to Turn DOWN the volume on another control. You’ll want to filter the Updates list by hiding Updates from Connections that are not as important to you. Return to your LinkedIn Home Page and move your mouse cursor over the Update box. The word “Hide” will appear in light gray on the right of the Update box. Click it and you won’t see this particular person’s Updates. Don’t worry. They do not get notified and you can Un-Hide them anytime. I’ve hidden Updates from more than 50 connections.

The net result of these two adjustments will be a steady, fresh stream of information for making contact with your top Connections.

Here are some examples:


Update: Jane Willowburg of Big Time Speakers just updated her photo.

Your Reaction: “Hey, Jane, I just saw your new photo. It looks great. What’s new?”


Update: Jim Harringten of XYZZ Inc. just joined the MPI Chicago LinkedIn Group.

Your Reaction: “Hi Jim, welcome to the MPI Chicago Group on LinkedIn. I’ve found it is a great resource for market research on our industry. What are you hoping to gain from the group?”


Update: Deep Ghandanoka in now connected to Wendy Wilchesteronowski

Your Reaction:   “Deep, I see you just connected with Wendy W.  I did some leadership training for her when she was at IBM. She really invests in training her people. Let me know if I can introduce you to others like Wendy.”

I recently did this and discovered a new flow of information that has led to some deeper relationships with existing LinkedIn Connections. Let me know how it works for you.

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