How Sales Managers Can Help Reps Use LinkedIn

increasing sales using social selling and linkedinSaved searches on LinkedIn are a boon for sales people looking for fresh leads.

Even if you don’t have a premium LinkedIn account, the basic gives you three saved searches.

The best part is that it automatically sends you a new prospect list whenever someone meets the criteria you set. Just set up a search for, let’s say, sales enablement VPs in the US and you’ll get a weekly email of new people with those keywords in their job title or description. Then you make like an old timey prospector and go looking for sales gold.

Here’s how I do it. Whenever I find a good lead, I click on their LinkedIn profile to see how long they’ve been at their company. If it’s about four months – perfect. They’ve been there long enough to kind of get the lay of the land but are still looking for opportunities to make an impact in their role. To me, this is a prime opportunity for a new vendor to come in and offer solutions.

That’s a trick all your sales reps should try. For good measure, check on their searches to ensure they’re properly focused to get the results they are looking for in order to get the number they (an you) need.

While we’re on the topic of monitoring sales reps’ social selling targeting, let’s also consider their social posting activity. It’s important because what they post on LinkedIn raises their visibility, establishes them as thought leaders and keeps them in front of decision makers.

find out how well team

You don’t even need access to their LI account. Assuming your are already a connection – click over to their View Recent Activity section. From there you can scroll through the articles they’ve shared or the comments they’ve been posting along with the likes, and reposts. It all contributes to the level of engagement they have with their network.

When I do training for managers this is one area of accountability that almost always needs improving. That’s because as a sales manager you can read what all your reps are doing and identify best practices of your top performers.

If you’re wondering how well your sales team is using LinkedIn and how their use stacks up against their competition, I can do a LinkedIn Skills Report for you. It’s a report that I prepare involving LinkedIn KPIs. It establishes a baseline for any training, and allows me to compare it to industry benchmarks.

It’s something I offer free to companies of 25 or more sales reps.

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