What Happened After LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner “Liked” One of My Posts

kurt li postLast month I published a long-form post comparing the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal to the Golden State Warriors-Kevin Durant deal.  This pairing of two big news stories drew the usual amount of Likes and Comments.

Then, about three weeks after I posted it, something unexpected happened. I saw a notification on my iPhone saying “Jeff Weiner likes your post

Could it be Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, I wondered? After all, there are 252 LinkedIn members named “Jeff Weiner” and I am connected to one of them (not the CEO one).

Imagine my excitement when I clicked through to see that my 184th Like was indeed the CEO of LinkedIn.

Within days, the number of Likes and Comments doubled as my post reached an entirely new audience through his extensive network. Many of these people sent me invitations to connect LinkedIn.

kurt post III also followed my own training advice and reviewed the people who had Liked and Commented. If they appeared to fit the profile I have for LinkedIn connections, then I send them an invitation saying:

“Thanks for Liking my post comparing the Microsoft-LinkedIn and Warriors-Kevin Durant deals. Since we seem to share some interests, let’s connect on LinkedIn.”


Between the two processes, I added over 80 new connections as a direct result of this post.

Who knows how many of them could become customers, referral sources, or possibly even good friends?

The take-away is that publishing interesting content on LinkedIn will increase your visibility and generated various types of responses. Follow up on those responses to engage with people and grow your network.

If you are interested in having me speak to your sales team about the new era of social selling brought about by Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn or you want to engage me for LinkedIn training or a social selling workshop, please get in touch.

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