How to Grow a Productive LinkedIn Network

I am not sure whether the saying “Your Network is Your Net Worth” was around before Porter Gale wrote a book with that title in 2013, but the message is clear.

Business success depends on relationships.

sales networking with LinkedIn

After all, people buy from people. One of my favorite quotes on the topic of B2B relationships comes from Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer at SAP, who once said,

Big glass buildings don’t buy software, people do.

One reason why LinkedIn has become so popular for business development is because, when used correctly, LinkedIn is a relationship amplifier.

Here are three ways you can grow your sales network with LinkedIn:

  1. Write Better LinkedIn Invitations – Have you ever received the default invitation “I’d like to add you to my personal network on LinkedIn.” and wondered “Who IS this person and WHY are they inviting me?” That’s because they failed to write a custom message with Context, Positioning, and a Call to Action. Here’s the formula.
  2. Reply After Accepting an Invitation – If someone invited you to a party at their house, you wouldn’t accept and then not talk to them when you arrived, would you? Yet, that’s what many people do when they accept a LinkedIn invitation. Here’s a better way to kick off the relationship:
  3. Nurture Existing Relationships – Starting relationships is part of the process. Strengthening them is the other part. LinkedIn makes it easy by telling you when connections have a work anniversary, promotion, or birthday. Here’s how to be a superstar with your connections.

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