5 Reasons to Celebrate LinkedIn


Since today is Cinco de Mayo, I’m celebrating five things I like about LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn is all business. It focuses on Recruiting, Hiring, and Selling.
  2. LinkedIn helps you establish new relationships. The “People You May Know” feature is shockingly adept at suggesting people to connect to with whom you have commonalities.
  3. LinkedIn helps you nurture your existing relationships. The daily network updates of Promotions, Work Anniversaries, News Mentions, and Birthdays provide ample opportunities to reconnect with your network about something that’s important to them.
  4. LinkedIn offers an amazing set of features for free. Plus, you can get more powerful features by upgrading to a premium version. That’s unique among the major social networks.
  5. LinkedIn members do a good job of self-policing inappropriate posts (political, religious, sexual, stupid,…). Yeah, I know the occasional math problem or bikini photo shows up, but with 400M+ members, it’s a small percentage of the posts.

What do you want to celebrate about LinkedIn on Linko de Mayo?


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