Optimize Your Sales with Social Selling and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one social selling network in the world. And if your team isn’t using LinkedIn they are missing out on opportunities to get past gatekeepers and connect directly with decision-makers.

Our corporate sales training programs begin with a detailed assessment of your teams’ social selling skills. From there we create programs that help salespeople develop the LinkedIn skills to propel them past their competitors and into the offices of high-value prospects.

Our approach combines time-tested sales techniques with new social selling tools and technologies.  Our focus is creating high adoption of proven social selling techniques across sales organizations. We measure results in metrics like:

  • more appointments
  • bigger pipelines
  • higher sales.

Clients include Hewlett Packard, City National Bank, TelePacific Communications, BI WORLDWIDE, Skyline Exhibits, and associations like Print Suppliers and Distributors Association (PSDA).

Start with the free sales team assessment.

Linkedin sales report

Why choose The Sales Foundry for your corporate social selling training?

  • 4 years of experience in corporate social selling training
  • Trained thousands of sales reps how to reach more decision makers
  • Founder is former VP of Sales of a global software company and SFDC consultant. He knows how to drive high adoption of new sales technologies and skills.


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