LinkedIn & Social Selling Training for B2B Sales Teams

The Sales Foundry works primarily with B2B sales teams across America and around the world to increase sales and profitability by combining time-tested sales techniques with new social selling technologies like LinkedIn to increase engagement and blow past sales targets. In today’s economy corporate sales teams have to stay ahead of the technology curve. Whether it’s LinkedIn Company Pages, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator or other social selling tools, sales teams need to understand that what they do online today effects the bottom line results tomorrow.

Why choose The Sales Foundry for your corporate social selling training?

  • 3 years focused exclusively on corporate social selling training
  • Trained thousands of sales reps who to reach more decision makers
  • Founder is former VP of Sales of a global software company


  • Are You a Professional or Fantasy Social Seller? just completed opening weekend of the NFL season. Professional football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Over the past few years, a related interest has arisen – Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is based on individual

  • VOTE: Is This an Appropriate LinkedIn Photo? are two reasons why I was shocked when I saw that one of my LinkedIn Connections had updated his* LinkedIn photo to this.

    1. He is not a professional surfer. Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the professional social network, right?
    2. He is
  • Carolyn Betts Talks About “What’s Hot” in Sales Hiring

    carolynMy latest podcast guest is Carolyn Betts, Founder and CEO of Betts Recruiting. Betts Recruiting is a leading agency for companies looking to find sales, marketing and client services talent in the US and Europe.

    Betts Recruiting’s

  • 3 Ways to Grow Revenue with LinkedIn

    There are four classic ways to increase revenue:

    1. Sell To More Customer
    2. Sell More Products/Services To Current Customers
    3. Sell More Frequently To the Same Customers
    4. Raise Prices

    LinkedIn can help with the first three. Here’s how:

    Sell to More Customers

    This is the most common use of LinkedIn for social selling. There are two approaches. LinkedIn

  • Why I Am Rethinking Building a Huge LinkedIn Network joining LinkedIn nine years ago, I’ve been growing my network. Like most people, I started slowly and picked up momentum as LinkedIn grew more valuable. When I started a LinkedIn training company in 2011, the pace picked up even