Social Selling Training for B2B Sales Teams

The Sales Foundry works with B2B sales teams to increase sales via social selling. We specialize in LinkedIn sales training since it is the No. 1 social network for business. Our approach combines time-tested sales techniques with new social selling tools and technologies.  Our focus is creating high adoption of proven social selling techniques. We measure results in metrics like more appointments, bigger pipelines, and higher sales. Clients include Hewlett Packard, City National Bank, TelePacific Communications, BI WORLDWIDE, Skyline Exhibits, and associations like Print Suppliers and Distributors Association (PSDA).

Why choose The Sales Foundry for your corporate social selling training?

  • 4 years of experience in corporate social selling training
  • Trained thousands of sales reps how to reach more decision makers
  • Founder is former VP of Sales of a global software company and SFDC consultant. He knows how to drive high adoption of new sales technologies and skills.


  • [Video] Are your LinkedIn invitations really connecting?

    I send and receive LinkedIn invitations all the time. Some are really good. They demonstrate a real knowledge of who I am and why I should accept the invite.

    Others are the standard invitation. With those I immediately check to see if this person has even

  • [Video] How do I get relevant recommendations on LinkedIn?

    You know that Trust and Credibility are two critical components of sales success, right? That’s why Customer Recommendations are so powerful.

    LinkedIn is a great tool for leveraging Customer Recommendations for the following reasons:

    1. Connectivity – You should already be connected to your customer on LinkedIn
  • Social Selling + Social Buying = Higher Sales

    Social BuyingThe term “Social Selling” has risen in popularity over the last few years. Social Selling is primarily a lead generation technique involving two different activities:

    • Outbound Prospecting – identifying and researching prospects for outreach
    • Inbound Marketing – sharing content to provide
  • [Video] How do you dress up your LinkedIn profile with media?

    Remember when LinkedIn was all text and no fun?

    Well it’s not like that anymore.

    With just a few simple clicks you can add videos, pdfs, and slides to your profile.

    What this does is make your content immediately available to prospects.

    The goal is to make

  • [Video] There is a formula for writing a great LinkedIn headline!

    Have you put much thought into your LinkedIn headline? Most people don’t. Take a look through your connections and you’ll see most just have a job title.

    But your headline needs to tell a story. And that story has to be compelling enough that your