LinkedIn & Social Selling Training for B2B Sales Teams

OctoberwebinarThe Sales Foundry works primarily with B2B sales teams across America and around the world to increase sales and profitability by combining time-tested sales techniques with new social selling technologies like LinkedIn to increase engagement and blow past sales targets. In today’s economy corporate sales teams have to stay ahead of the technology curve. Whether it’s LinkedIn Company Pages, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator or other social selling tools, sales teams need to understand that what they do online today effects the bottom line results tomorrow.

Why choose The Sales Foundry for your corporate social selling training?

  • 3 years focused exclusively on corporate social selling training
  • Trained thousands of sales reps who to reach more decision makers
  • Founder is former VP of Sales of a global software company


  • Results of My “Old School” Social Selling Experiment

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called “My 1-week Social Selling Experiment” about nurturing the relationships with my LinkedIn connections. I used LinkedIn’s “Keep in Touch” feature that tells you when your connections have trigger events like:

    • A promotion
    • A new job
    • A move
    • A mentioned in the news
    • A birthday

  • My 1-Week “Old School” Social Selling Experiment

    Kurt on Phone for BlogHaving started my sales career long before social selling, social networks, and even the Internet, I can appreciate the concern that some sales experts have expressed over salespeople spending too much time on social networks. They

  • Social Seller John White Talks About Reaching No. 1 on LinkedIn Publishing

    John WhiteJohn White (@juanblanco76) is a telecom sales and marketing executive with SKYBEAM , a broadband connectivity provider. John is a successful social selling practitioner in a corporate sales role. I wanted to get him on the show to learn

  • Social Selling Applications Go Corporate

    Apps Logos for NewsletterWhen social networking applications started out over ten years ago, they were for individuals to communicate about their personal life. Individuals created networks of friends/connections/followers and shared posts about their awesome meal, vacation photos, or funny cat

  • Are You a Professional or Fantasy Social Seller? just completed opening weekend of the NFL season. Professional football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Over the past few years, a related interest has arisen – Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is based on individual